The perfect Drive De Cartier Moon Phases watches

At SIHH 2017, Cartier presented the watch, which I consider to be a hit (of course very personal), cheap Cartier watches de Cartier Extra Flat. Slim, sophisticated, elegant, perfectly proportional, with a nice engine … Still, this watch can be problematic for some people. The obvious reason: its price. (Available only in gold). Then it may be too clean, for some too simple. In addition to Swiss UK Fake Watches existing models (time and date and twice), Cartier introduced a version of the Moon phase that caused some of these arguments to be resolved.

After several years of hesitation and watches that were too feminine or unisex (including attempts that did not arouse sufficient emotions, such as Clé de Cartier), Cartier announced the return to the market of men’s watches at SIHH 2016, with The perfect Drive De Cartier Moon Phases watches – and with it return to what Cartier is known for, the championship in the shape of watches. Drive de Cartier, introduced for the first time in time and in two (plus a rather confidential and not so important version of the tourbillon), was a brand DNA certificate, with a clock that was not round, not squared, no tonneau … but shaped that only buy Cartier watches can do. Elegant, masculine, sophisticated, clean, slightly vintage and somewhat motorized: watch for gentlemen.

After the first releases in the SIHH 2017 collection, it was an opportunity for evolution, including (to my taste) a great version of Extra Flat – and of course, as usual, there were several issues. While this thin edition of the Disk may be smaller, more elegant and powered by the Piaget movement, some will not like its relatively simple shield – there are only 2 hands – which makes it too discreet and some will not be able to. – because it is available only in gold (white or pink), starting from 15 000 EUR. However, this was not the only disc presented at the 2017 watch fair. Another, perfectly balanced and with enough complications, was introduced to the Moon phase of De sale Cartier watches.

There is no great drama with the Moon Phases version, because the basics of the Drive collection are still present, but the new iteration gains balance and symmetry, which was probably missing in two other standard versions, time and date, and double time. For example, a version with date and time must deal with a date window of 3, which affects the symmetry of the dial. A double time, with a large date, a backward indication of the second time zone and a daytime window, will satisfy some, and others will not like its busy and intentionally unbalanced run. Moon phase De Cartier solves this with a perfectly balanced and symmetrical knob.

In terms of the matter, without evolution. The “Moon phase” edition is glued to a 40mm cushion in the shape of a pillow. This time it is available in steel – and also in 18-karat pink gold – it measures 12.15 mm in height, which means that it will not be a slender watch on the wrist. However, as usual with replica Cartier watches, the casing has been designed to be more comfortable and thinner than on paper, with relatively narrow bands – the thickness is placed on the envelope envelope. Short and curved handles help to set the wristwatch, which is more elegant and elegant than expected.
Dial-wise, we note several evolutions, of course driven by the implementation of a new complication. In place of the small second is now the indication of the phases of the moon, with the classic blue-gold plate of the moon. There is no second hand or date window, which means that this phase of the Moon De Cartier uses a perfectly balanced symmetrical disc on the axis from 12 to 6. What’s more, the moon’s complication adds some poetry to the watch, which in combination with the lack the second hand makes it a slow, slow runner. The shield retains fake Cartier watches attributes: the guilloché wave pattern in the middle, the big Roman numerals in black (with the secret signature on 7) and the blue hands.

Inside the Drive De Buy Replica Cartier watch case the Moon phase has the same movement of the base as the rest of the collection, i.e. automatic caliber 1904 MC, internal and developed movement. This known engine was the first part completely produced by perfect Cartier watches. It is shared with the sports Caliber de Cartier. This is a mid-range caliber with a perfect finish (compared to the basic 1847 MC model) and has a double barrel, which provides greater precision and 48-hour power reserve.

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